Artwork by Kim Hoang with colouring help from Raoul OlDessiné par Kim Hoang et de l'aide avec le coloration par Raoul Ol

Dessiné par Kim Hoang et de l’aide avec le coloration par Raoul Ol

Quand : 22 août 2015 de 14h à 17h
Emplacement : Gameplay Space, 1435 rue St-Alexandre
Événement Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/events/1683039451930081/
Prix: gratuit

Vous êtes cordialement invités à « Teacade », un événement qui joint Arcade et salon de thé.

Savourez une infusion de jeux alternatifs qui vous rempliront la tête d’idées et accompagnez le tout d’une parfaite goutte. Vous serez servis une variété de thés ainsi que de collations, vos papilles en seront bouches bées. Retrouvez vos bons vieux amis et faites de nouvelles rencontres, ça vous réchauffera le coeur.

Cet événement est gratuit, ouvert à un groupe de tout âge et aux familles! N’hésitez pas à apporter votre propre tasse de thé. Vous aiderez non seulement l’environnement mais nous aimerions aussi la voir!

Les jeux à Teacade


(Try to) Dress Up
par Nivetha Kannan (site web, article sur KillScreen)

Growing up, I always loved to play casual dress-up games. Though I was a great fan of more mainstream titles such as Mario or Pokemon, the online dress up world still had me captivated for hours on end. I’m not sure why I liked them so much but I think it could have been due to my upbringing. As a daughter of a mostly rural Indian family, my clothing choices were monitored very strictly. My Mom and Dad weren’t strict on a lot of stereotypically Asian things (they let me major in art, for example) but due to social expectations of women in our culture (and virtually every culture), my clothes were constantly censored by my parents. Dress up games gave me an outlet where I could dress as I wanted without reprimand. “(try to) Dress Up” is a game than basically acts like the dress up games I loved growing up but simulates my real world experience with dressing up. The game is designed so that you have to get my parents’ permission before going out in that you’re wearing. Good luck with that- they’re pretty tough judges to please.


Backyard Summer
par Edward Cottreau (twitter)

I made Backyard Summer as a sort of vacation game. A game that’s laid back, sunny, and doesn’t have high stakes or desperate situations. A game where the only conflict is a choice between digging for treasure to impress your neighbour and helping your mom grow flowers.

Backyard Summer is a game about friendship and doing things for others. When you dig up treasure, you’ll combine what you find into impressive gifts to befriend your neighbour. When you grow flowers with your mom, you’ll help her win a flower contest. While you do these things, you’ll hear their stories and soak up some good summer vibes.

There’s 31 days in August. How will you spend these sun-filled days?


A Good Cup of Tea
par Konstantin Kopkas (site web) & Elenor Kopkas (site web)

A Good Cup of Tea’ is a game my sister and I built to mirror the experience of making ourselves a nice cup of tea. Well, that was our intention, at least; there’s also a floating hand, a googly-eyed kettle and a counter so you can keep track of all those delicious memories. We hope you enjoy it!


Techno Tarot
crée par Kara Stone (twitter), programmation par Cecily Carver, & musique par Maggie Maclean

When will you meet the perfect cyborg partner? Should you take the plunge and get a new phone? Is the spirit of your old air conditioner really haunting you? Get your techno-fortune told by the tarot bot and find out! Attune with your device by thinking about your topic then a reading about your past, present and future will be calculated and dispensed.


Real Army Simulator
crée par Yifat Shaik & programmation par Derek Quenneville

Real Army Simulator is a satirical choose-your-own adventure narrative game, based on my (yifat) two years mandatory service in the Israeli Army.

The game tries to emulate my personal experience and present the army less as glorified heroic endeavour but rater as a more mundane and at time ridiculous experience.

The game follows the daily routine of a soldier working in the army computer helpdesk. At each stop of the day, the player is presented with a dilemma on how to behave in a certain situation. There answer determines how the day will end- going home, getting detention or guard duty. Not all choices are obvious, answer that the player might think are better might (following the army logic) be the wrong one!


She Might Think
by Marion Esquian (Twitter, Itch.io, Portfolio) & Ludovine Berthouloux (Twitter, Tumblr, Blog)

‘She Might Think’ is a little game in which you will meet different girls and see what they have to say. They will be visiting the same apartment, each with their own opinion on a selection of objects. The goal is secretly to show you that every girl is unique, has her own opinions and definitely doesn’t answer to gender stereotypes. We used the opinions of real women and friends to create our characters!

Nos interlocuteurs

Installez-vous avec nos interlocuteurs qui vous parleront de la culture des jeux vidéos alternatifs et expérimentaux :

14h30 Lana Polansky (Twitter, Patreon, Itch.io)
critique d’art, artiste, conceptrice de jeu vidéo, écrivaine; Sufficiently Human; corédactrice de Ghosts in the Machine; écrivaine avec Arcade Review
15h15 Zolani Stewart (Twitter)
critique d’art, écrivain; organisateur d’ADAF; co-animateur de Critical Switch; fondateur et rédacteur de l’Arcade Review
16h Hannah Epstein aka hanski (Twitter)
artiste, créatrice de jeu vidéo; VGazzled; Cool Cash; PsXXYborg; The Immoral Ms. Conduct

Merci !


Un grand merci à nos boulangers bénévoles: Jasmine Eladas, Nicolas Barrière, et Rekka Bell! Teacade est un événement soutenu par nos partisans de IndieGoGo, merci à vous!

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