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Missed the PGI4 Info Session?

A big thank you to everyone who made it out to the info session!

If you couldn’t make it out to the info session you can still view the presentation to see what you might’ve missed! It summarizes the whole program, our expectations, your potential game, tools, our Follow Along program, and the games made by women from the previous workshop!


Link: http://www.slideshare.net/rebthegreat/pixelles-game-incubator-4-info-session-20152016


Here are a few questions that came up during the info session:

Q: Are we working in teams?
No, each of the 10 participants make their own individual game. If you’re in the Follow Along, however, feel free to team up with your friends or anyone you might know!

Q: Are you looking for a certain kind of applicant?
We’re looking for any women (cis/trans) who are enthusiastic about making games, never had the chance to make a game, and/or definitely committed to seeing the workshop through. Each cohort has a variety of participants from different skill areas, backgrounds, life experiences, ages, & game-making goals. What we’re really looking for is a well-rounded spread among many disciplines, so we can’t say exactly what will/will not include you, especially before all the applications are in. The best thing to do in the application is to give us a full idea of who you are, and what’s important to you.

Q: Can I make changes to my application?
Yes! E-mail moms@pixelles.ca, right away. We’ll send you a copy of your application to which you can make any number of changes to. From there, either email us back or resubmit your application to the form (we’ll delete your old one).

Q: What night of the week will it be?
The sessions will occur Thursday nights throughout January and February inclusive. We’re letting you know early this year, in case you need to make work/school/schedule arrangements around it. Follow Along and extra game-making sessions will happen on a weekend afternoon.

Q: Do you have any say in what kind of game I would make?
Nope! We will do things like help you scope your game so that it’s an achievable six-week project, or make suggestions about how best to go about things, but that’s it! The subject matter, tool that you use, mechanics, and everything is up to you. Also don’t feel pressured to make something ground-breaking or unique, this is just the beginning! If specific problems arise, or particular skill sets are needed that are beyond the expertise of the coordinators, we will definitely find someone we trust in the community to help you out. That’s really what Pixelles is all about!

Q: Will I be able to get a job in the games industry after this?
Well, really that’s up to you! The incubator has been used as a stepping stone to a career in games before, however it’s not exactly designed to be industry-focused or to have specific industry goals. Our mission is to help you teach yourself (among like people) how to make a whole game from start-to-finish, learn some skills and broaden your accomplishments, and to have fun and meet some friends while doing it. Whether you decide to use what you make as a portfolio piece, or decide game-making isn’t for you after all, it’s all good by us!

Q: If I do the Follow-Along, will I be featured in the Showcase?
If you finish your Follow-Along game on our schedule, kudos! If you are in communication with us throughout the process, we will definitely try to reach out and get you in the showcase. There are success stories (whatever that might mean to different individuals) among Follow-Along participants as well, and of course, you are a part of the Pixelles family.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask us anything via Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail moms@pixelles.ca.

Now go apply!

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