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Play The Games From Our 4th Showcase!

You can now play the games produced in our fourth incubator! A record-breaking sixteen people were inspired to make their own games via our Pixelles incubator or our Follow Along Program, and we proudly feature them below. A big thank you to everyone who came to support us, at the showcase or otherwise! We could not have done it without you.

The Games

pgi4-samSamantha McBeth – Lights Out!

For hatchling sea turtles, artificial light is a killer. Instinct drives them from their nests on beaches towards the brightest horizon, ideally the waterline on an undeveloped coast.

But the bright lights of coastal development—streetlamps, illuminated parking lots, and buildings—can lure newly-hatched baby turtles towards artificial light sources. As hatchlings turn away from the sea to cross into streets and parking lots, they are invariably killed. Shut the lights, save the turtles!

Download (PC Only) →

pgi4-melanieMelanie Pasztor – Queen of the Rink

Top-down game based on roller derby.
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pgi4-roxanneRoxanne Baril-Bédard – Astral Crystal

Our day and age needs heroines to change the world for the better. Battles between the forces of social justice and the forces of patriarchy happen everyday, and the forces of oppression seem like they will never yield. The time has come for your destiny to manifest! Reify your true potential!

pgi4-graceGrace An – Get Ready With Me

“Get Ready With Me” is a trendy dress-up game!
Take a look at Grace’s closet and her favourite essential pieces to get inspired to dress up for your day!!​

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pgi4-noeulNoeul Kang – The Bad Cattrip

Cat is sick of working in its corporate prison called “work”. Cat turns into a emotionless machine there but its Friday, and Cat is fi-nally home in its comfy and safe bed. Screw going out to crowded, expensive bars filled with horny creatures shoving you as they grind and take selfies! Cat has some old LSD it found lying around…Why not accompany Cat on its LSD adventure?

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pgi4-adreaAdrea Soh – Poutine Up A Fight

In each potato sack, only the best and most deserving potatoes are chosen to be turned into poutine. Will you be able to defeat your opponent and prove your worth?

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pgi4-massivaMassiva Hamiche – EXIT

EXIT is a point and click puzzle game where you have to find keys to exit the room you’re trapped in before the timer ends!

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pgi4-eleanorEleanor – Strawberry Punch

Punch bad guys, with cute cool art!

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Follow Along Games:
pgi4-tunanTunan Pan – Run For Your Life

Wolf populations are on the decline due to unnecessary hunting and changes to their habitats. Play as a lone wolf escaping hunters across an endless terrain – keep running and stay alive as long as you can without being caught in a trap!

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pgi4-jonnaJonna Pedersen – BISMUTH

(trigger warning: menstruation imagery, can be graphic!)

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pgi4-valerieValérie Vézina – Dream Scavenger

You are controlling a character who lost their memories and you need to recover them in their dreams.
You need to explore the area the dream takes places in to find the memory and items scattered about.
There are two types of objects in the dream; one will give you more time to explore, the other will be your memory.
Just like a dream, you have a fixed amount of time to explore around before you need to escape…

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pgi4-pamelaPamela Kotila – Send The Fallen

A knight and a thief meet in a dragon’s treasure hoard. She is here to deal with a dragon, but can she ignore a thief? The knight may learn some unsettling news, leading her to question who she may believe: The King? The thief? Herself?

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pgi4-linhLinh Dao – Lost Space

Find all the boxes. They might just give you a clue to get out!

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pgi4-eileenEileen Mary Holowka – City Witch

You are a witch in the big city. Fly between the skyscrapers and collect hats. These hats are the stories of other witches and you are their archive. Find your place in the spaces between these whispers, between buildings, between meaning.

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pgi4-princePrince Jones – Balance Principle

In this game you control a metal box with an exclamation mark sticker on it.
Every level you start on a stack of bricks. The goal of each level is to clear away the bricks and fall to the blue platform.
Once you hit the orange line the level resets.

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pgi4-heleneHélène Marchis – The Alchemist

You are Santiago, a young Spanish man who left everything to live his personal legend.
In your path, you will meet different people and must make different choices.
Choose carefully but stay yourself, travel broadens the mind!

Download →

Thank You!

Without the support of our community, partners, and sponsors this year’s Pixelles Game Incubator would not have been possible. We feel loved by your immense support and commitment towards improving the diversity of game makers, not only in the Montréal, but around the world through our Follow Along program.

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