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Make/Write a Game From Home; From Anywhere in the World!


You don’t have to be from Montreal to participate in Pixelles’ programs! Thanks to our wonderful coordinators, we’ve running our Follow Along programs again this year. The Follow Along lets anyone participate, remotely, from anywhere in the world, at their own pace. We’ve even created Slack channels so you can chime in, ask questions and get feedback.

Who can follow along?

  • Located anywhere in the world
  • Everyone of all genders, skill levels, and ages
  • Have a computer
  • You’re inspired and ready to make your 1st video game

If you’re from a region without a games community, gather up some friends and like-minded folks to follow along together. Meet up once a week to debug, encourage, show off your progress, and talk about your experiences can be a great way to get started in game development! Adapt our weekly summaries to your needs or use them to learn something new! And maybe continue to have meetups after everything :D

Make your first game

Starts in January. Has mentors, meetups, and a Slack channel
Contact: moms@pixelles.ca

After each week’s session, we’ll be posting a summary and the homework assignment. You will get a reminder email every week, linking you to plenty of resources, the slides from our mentors, and a suggestion of how to progress in the work timeline. Follow along at home and make a game on your own time without the stress of our deadlines, or needing to be present in Montreal.

Sign up & more info

Practice writing for games

Starts mid-December. Has a Slack channel
Contact: mentorship@pixelles.ca

You will receive a writing assignment at the beginning of each month, and after each session of the live group in Montreal, we’ll email you a summary of our meeting. You’ll be able to follow along with our program and write at your own pace. As part of our Writers Group community, you’ll receive advice, resources and tips about game writing.

Sign up & more info!

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to contact the coordinators. They’d be happy to help you out!

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