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Pixelles’ Guide to GDC and San Francisco

Is it your first time going to GDC?
Maybe you didn’t have a great experience in previous years?

We’ve created two guides to help Pixelles Ensemble, our scholarship program, and anyone else make the most out of attending GDC, in San Francisco. These two guides cover topics about: 1) city of San Francisco during the time of the conference includes safety, places to stay, sights, etc 2) the GDC Experience, itself, including networking, what to bring, preparation, events, advice, etc.


Note: these are google docs. If you can’t see them please check your firewall restrictions


Pixelles Guide to the GDC Experience


Pixelles Guide to
San Francisco
(during GDC)

Thank you!

Much of the information comes from friendly folks, other organizations, and our own experiences. Safety tips were created with marginalized folks in mind. However, they’re generally good advice for anyone! These guides are by no means 100% as both GDC and San Francisco are HUGE. They’re always a work in progress as we learn and experience more.

Feel free to share !

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