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Career Ignite: Improving Your Job Interview Skills

We’re teaming up with Stadia to bring our Career Ignite series online through lunch & learn events!

By popular demand, it’s back! On July 8th (12:00pm EST) in the series join us for a workshop on reinforcing your interview skills. This online presentation, crafted by the Stadia team, aims to help you land that next games industry job or level up into a new position — whether you’re looking for a change now or curious about how you can do better.

Following the presentation, participants can attend area-specific breakout groups where mentors will share their experiences, answer questions about their roles and give advice.

Breakout groups are available for:

  • Narrative
  • Audio
  • Art (tech art, lighting, animation, 3D)
  • Game Design
  • Programming
  • User Research
  • Producers

Spaces are limited. You must register for this event in order to receive links to the presentation and breakout groups.


All times set to Eastern time zone (GMT-4):

[ 12:00 PM ] Presentation on general job interview skills
[ 12:30 PM ] Q&A Period
[ 12:45 PM ] Breakout groups with mentors
[ 1:30 PM ] Event ends


Eventbite link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/career-ignite-improving-your-job-interview-skills-tickets-109457333832


Q: What is the target experience level?
The Career Ignite series is open to a broad range of levels. The knowledge shared in the presentation is aimed at people with 2 years related experience but not required. This event does not discuss how to leverage school projects, pick an educational institution or internships.

Q: What language will this event be in?
The presentation content will be in English (auto-generated captions available). As international mentors will be present, the breakout groups may be bilingual (Français / English). We will do our best to ensure there is one francophone mentor per breakout group. The registration form asks your level of comfort so that we can best assess group dynamics.

Q: Is this event only for women?
It’s open to anyone of all genders!

Q: Can people outside Montréal attend this event?
Yes, it’s entirely online! Anyone, anywhere in the world can register. Please note that the presentation will not be recorded for later access.

Q: My role does not fit in any of the breakout groups :(
Our apologies; we have limited volunteer capacity and can only provide certain number of breakout groups. You’re free to attend the general interview skills presentation and lurk in any group, even if it does not 100% fit your area of expertise. We hope to be able to provide future events that can help you. By the way, our Facebook community group is filled with friendly folks who can give you specific advice. Take advantage and post your question in there!

In Collaboration with Stadia

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