Workshop: Things to Consider When Starting a Game Studio

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Tanya X. Short started the award-winning Kitfox Games in 2013, and will share her thoughts on how to think about starting your very own indie game studio.

Whether it’s a for-profit corporation, a worker’s co-op, a non-profit, or a solo venture, these questions should help spur you towards practical, real-world problems to solve and expectations to set. You don’t need to have any concrete plans to start a studio just yet — feel free to just listen in and ask questions, in case Future You might have an opportunity to “go indie”.

Suggested Reading:
Think about what your first steps might be, if you started an indie studio. I recommend having this up to search, in case I accidentally use terms or jargon that you don’t know:



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Workshop Leader: Tanya X. Short

Tanya X. Short has been in the games industry for over 15 years. She is now the Captain of Kitfox Games and lead designer of Boyfriend Dungeon, Moon Hunters, and more. She also co-founded and co-directs Pixelles, and co-edited the textbooks Procedural Generation in Game Design and Procedural Storytelling in Game Design. She thinks more marginalized people should be empowered and funded to start new game studios.

Twitter: @tanyaxshort

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