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Workshop: Indigeneity In-game: Decolonizing Content through Informed Representation

Pixelles workshop with Dr. Nykkie Lugosi-Schimpf from the Faculty of Native Studies will challenge our representation of Indigeneity.

This workshop will challenge widespread representations and constructions of Indigeneity. Nykkie will discuss some of the most prevalent stereotypes of Indigenous people and offer tips on how to unpack and challenge the narratives that both skew the lived experience of Indigenous peoples and allow the replication of stereotypes that reinforce colonial relationships.

Then, we’ll think about how popular culture more broadly, and video games specifically, can be a strong influence on maintaining or resisting destructive stereotypes/biases. To build multimedia literacy skills Nykkie will walk us through a visual analysis to show us how to start critically analyzing in-game imagery, stories, and conversations. We’ll wrap up this session with Q&A and a set of resources for people to learn more.


Workshop Leader: Nykkie Lugosi-Schimpf

Dr. Nykkie Lugosi-Schimpf is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta. Nykkie researches topics such as: International Indigeneity, BIPOC-Indigenous relations (Canada and Central Europe), nation(hood), identity, structural racism, and is a lifelong fan of goth, industrial, and 80s metal.

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