(English) Play the Games from our 2nd Showcase!

Pour le moment, cet article seulement disponible en angalis The games from the second round of Pixelles are available! With the help of Feminists in Games & Studio XX, twelve women became first-time game makers and created their very own

Vernissage Pixelles

Nous vous invitons à notre vernissage Pixelles! En association avec le Festival Montreal Joue, nous mettons en vedette nos nouvelles créatrices de jeux vidéos. En seulement 6 semaines, des femmes ont codées, produites, attirées et conçues leurs tout premier jeu

(English) Week 6: Playtesting

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en English.

(English) Week 5: Polish & Rescoping

Désolé, pour le moment cet article est seulement disponible en anglais. It’s week 5 everyone! You’re probably panicking at this point because who knows where those other weeks went. Or there’s been an elusive bug that’s happening somewhere, somewhere haunting

Session Summary 4: Art & Sound

Art & Sound By now you’re probably working on filling in some of the art and choosing some sort of sound to set the rhythm of your game. If you’ve got your prototype working you definitely want to start on

Session Summary 3: Prototyping

Prototyping Prototyping means putting together a working version of your game’s essential elements in order to convey an instant of fun. A good one allows you to determine whether or not your game will be fun. As you can see

Session Summary 2: Game Design & Tools

Game Design Stéphanie Bouchard, an awesome & talented game designer at Ubisoft, came in and talked about important game design concepts to the Pixelles: What is a Concept Document? In most game dev studios, a game’s first form is a

Session Summary 1: Inspiration

Pixelles isn’t a university course. Most of the learning you’ll have to do on your own. We’ll suggest tutorials, articles, and tools to get you on your way to making a game. We’re here to provide guidance, experience, and feedback.

Meet the Pixelles Game Incubator 2 Participants!

First, we want to say that all of you are amazing in each your own way. You definitely made our participant selection process very difficult! Sadly, we could only choose 10 out of 47 applications. BUT just because you weren’t

Séance d’info: Incubateur de jeu vidéo Pixelles 2

(Pour le moment cet article est seulment disponible en anglais) A big thank you to everyone who made it out to the info session! We loved meeting you and we love your enthusiasm! Definitely looking forward to your game-making energy

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