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Play The Games From Our 3rd Showcase!

You can now play the games produced in our third incubator! Thirteen women were inspired to make their own games via our Pixelles incubator or our Follow Along Program, and we proudly feature them below. A big thank you to

Session 6 Summary: Internal Playtest

Here we are at the last week of Pixelles Incubator 3! You made it! You’re amazing. Treat yo’self, you deserve it!! Our very last session was all about what to do once your prototype is complete. Rather than one mentor,

Pixelles Showcase 3!Vernissage Pixelles 3!

Pixelles, in celebration with Festival Montréal Joue, is excited to showcase our newest game makers! In just 6 weeks, these women designed, coded, drew, and produced their very first video game! Come play the games, socialize, have a drink, and

Session 5 Summary: Polishing Your Game

It’s week 5 everyone! You’re probably panicking at this point because who knows where those other weeks went. Or there’s been an elusive bug that’s happening somewhere, somewhere haunting your entire weekends. This is normal game dev life. It’s not

Session 4 Summary: Adding Art & Sound

By now, all the PGI participants have a good handle on what their game concepts. This week we took a look through the progress and as the games take shape, the way they look and sound are also coming together.

Session 3 Summary: First Playtest & Scoping

The third week of the Pixelles Incubator 3 is complete! We spent most of our time reviewing each other’s prototypes and getting lots of 1 on 1 time with this week’s mentor Tali Goldstein. Tali is a Line Producer at

Session 2 Summary: Game Design Tips & Intro to Programming

The second week of Pixelles Incubator 3 marked our first session with mentor presentations! The ladies of Pixelles talked about their experiences over the week, trying out different tools for game-making and analyzing their own game concepts. Some of them

Session Summary 1: Intros & Inspiration

The first session of the incubator came and went swimmingly! We had a chance to meet all ten new participants, and a few old faces from PGI1 and 2 popped by as well. Within our discussions, we were reminded by

Meet the Pixelles Game Incubator III Participants!

First of all, we want to say that everyone who applied is an amazing lady. With over 100 applicants it was an extremely difficult task to only ten women. We’d like to say that just because you weren’t selected doesn’t