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[:en]Call for Writers Group Coordinator [:fr]Appel aux candidatures – coordinat·rice·eur d’groupe d’écrivains

[:en] Pixelles is searching for an additional coordinator to join the Writers Program team. If you’re an experienced video game writer and/or narrative designer who would like to help aspiring game writers build a portfolio and learn about video game

Workshop: Asian Games… Without Martial Arts

Asian characters in entertainment are often created with either strong ties to martial arts or weak ties to culture. For game developers there is a world of opportunity to bring about fresh and unique narratives, innovating with better representation in

Workshop: Indegeneity In-game: Beyond the Token

Miranda Due will discuss her story of embracing one’s own identity and reconnecting with her heritage and tribes. Learn a brief history of representation in media and video games and what the future of Indigenous storytelling looks like in Miranda’s

Meet the participants of the Pixelles Game Incubator XI

Without further ado, meet our participants in this year’s Pixelles Game Incubator XI. In just eight weeks, this new cohort will have designed, created the art, and coded their very first video games! Angela Hanna Goulene Angela is a French

Workshop: Indigeneity In-game: Decolonizing Content through Informed Representation

Pixelles workshop with Dr. Nykkie Lugosi-Schimpf from the Faculty of Native Studies will challenge our representation of Indigeneity. This workshop will challenge widespread representations and constructions of Indigeneity. Nykkie will discuss some of the most prevalent stereotypes of Indigenous people

Workshop: Fireside Chat with Solo Dev Éloïse Laroche

Recording Workshop Leader: Éloise Laroche Éloïse Laroche has been working as a solo gamedev since 2018 and has now released 5 games on PC and consoles. She creates cozy simulation games aimed for young women that focus on themes such as

Host the Pixelles Game Incubator

[english] Pixelles’ Game Incubator is back for an 11th year! What’s Pixelles’ Game Incubator? The game incubator is a free, eight-week workshop series designed to help twelve gender-marginalized people make their first game. At the end of the program, participants

Bibliothé: Tea Social & Game Dev Book Swap

[english] Do you have professional game development books gathering dust in a corner? Done reading a game related book and want to donate it back to the community? Does getting a new book brighten your day? Love reading and learning

Call for a Community Coordinator • Appel aux candidatures – coordinat.rice.eur en communauté

Pixelles is looking for a community coordinator to help us get the word out about our activities, events and programs. Please note that all positions at Pixelles are volunteer-based (even the directors are volunteers), mainly remote and includes an honorarium.

Workshop: Playing With Gender

Are you a boy or a girl? Many games open with this question. Your choice might dictate your appearance, how NPCs talk to you, story choices or more. But what if you want to be a guy with long hair?