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Pixelles Game Writing Program

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The Pixelles Game Writing Program is returning for 2023!

Have you been looking to get into writing for video games? Have you wondered what makes writing for games so different from other forms of writing? Curious to try your hand at some of the different elements of game writing with a cohort of peers and a clear curriculum? If so, then this year’s program is for you.

Last time, we witnessed an unprecedented amount of interest in our Game Writing Portfolio Program with over 800 participants! For this iteration of the program, our goal is to return to our roots and introduce a smaller cohort of complete beginners to the concepts of game writing.

If you’ve participated in one of our writer programs before, we’d like to ask you to skip this year to give people with less experience a chance to participate. Additionally, since this year’s program makes use of prior content, returnees would not benefit from attending again this year.

How does the Game Writing Program work?

The program will run for 3 months, from January to March 2023. The program is completely online, coordinated through an online learning platform and a Slack group for discussion. This program is also completely free.

There are 5 modules, which include reading materials, advice, and assignments. Each module takes 2 weeks to complete. 

The module topics for this year’s program are: 

  • Character design document
  • Quest / Mission design document
  • Item descriptions 
  • Cinematics
  • Barks

Participants will have the opportunity to engage with each other through Slack to exchange feedback, ask questions, and share resources. We greatly encourage people to find groups on Slack to exchange your work with; giving and receiving feedback is an important part of writing, and this is the perfect chance to connect with like-minded writers working toward the same goal. As a self-directed program, it’s also extremely helpful to engage with other participants to stay motivated and inspired.

This year’s co-coordinators (Kylie and Marri) will be present in the Slack to answer questions and stimulate discussion. Due to the size of the program, however, they will not be able to offer individual feedback in every case – this is why participants are especially encouraged to swap work with their peers if seeking feedback.

A new assignment will be released every 2 weeks, which means the program is going to move at a quick pace. We recommend preparing to put about 5 hours of effort into this program per week.

This year we will only be accepting 200 participants with little to no previous game writing experience.

The program will be in English, but you’re welcome to write in any language you like. 

Who can Follow Along?

  • Anyone from anywhere in the world
  • Everyone of all genders
  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Anyone without previous game writing experience
  • Anyone who hasn’t attended a prior Pixelles Game Writing program

Want to sign up?

Sign-ups are now closed. Thanks to everyone for your very strong interest in this program!

If you signed up with no prior game writing experience you can expect an email on January 1st.

For those who missed the sign up, stay tuned for future programs!

Have other questions?

Send us an e-mail: writersgroup@pixelles.ca