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Writing Portfolio Program

Do you want to hone your game writing skills from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace? The Pixelles Writing Portfolio Program is for you! It’s all online and open to everyone, anywhere in the world!

Last year, we witnessed an unprecedented amount of interest in our Game Writing Follow-Along program with over 180 participants! For this new session, our goal is to expand and to focus on the portfolio creation process. If you were a Follow-Alonger previously, you’re more than welcome to join us again for this new adventure: the assignments and units have been refreshed this year, so there will be something new for returning participants!

How does the Writing Portfolio Program work?

You will write 3 portfolio pieces that focus on the kind of writing found in game studios and then put everything together in a portfolio you can use to apply for writing jobs. You’ll be able to follow along with our program and write at your own pace. As part of our WPP community, you’ll receive advice, resources and tips about game writing.

This year, we are creating a new Slack channel available to all our participants, where you’ll be able to discuss the theme of the month, ask questions, and share your work with other participants. We greatly encourage people to find groups on Slack to exchange your work with; giving and receiving feedback is an important part of writing, and this is the perfect chance to connect with like-minded writers working toward the same goal. As a self-guided program, it’s also extremely helpful to engage with other participants to stay motivated and inspired.

Game writing is distinct from other genres of writing, so in order to provide a solid foundation and portfolio, we’ll be covering plenty of material in bi-monthly posts and ongoing Slack conversations, too!

Who can Follow Along?

  • Anyone from anywhere in the world
  • Everyone of all genders, skill levels, and ages
  • Everyone with or without previous game writing experience

Want to sign up?

The program for 2021 is now over. If you are interested in future writing programs with Pixelles please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media.

Got questions?

Send us an e-mail: info@pixelles.ca