Pixelles Career Accelerator

Are you a cis woman or a trans/nonbinary person of any gender who has been working in the game industry for 5 or more years, and want to advance in your workplace?

Pixelles Career Accelerator aims to augment your support networks and promote knowledge exchange with a select group of your industry peers. This group will meet monthly in Montreal for 6 months or more (depending on the size of the group), presented by Motive Studios EA and facilitated in coordination with Gamma HR.

Past participant quotes:

Now I don’t feel like I’m alone. For me this feels like armor, like I’m stronger and more confident.
My new job was overwhelming and these sessions helped prepare me to communicate what I want. For me it was very good.
I didn’t know what to expect but it’s been great to have so many different perspectives from other roles. It’s really been amazing.

We’d love to work with you to grow your career, and celebrate your work thus far. Applications are due by midnight February 23rd, so apply now!

Questions? If the below FAQs don’t help, you are welcome to send questions or suggestions to info@pixelles.ca

Who is this for?
What will we do?
Where and when?
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

Anyone who:

  • is a cis woman, a trans/nonbinary person of any gender, or someone who otherwise experiences gender-based discrimination in a significant way
  • has worked for 5 or more years professionally, full-time
  • is employed by companies with 8 or more employees.
  • All roles are welcome (whether production or auxiliary roles such as QA, community management, marketing, user research, etc)

What will we do?

We will use the co-development technique, innovated here in Quebec! Your group will meet and use a structure of problem-solving in order to improve their professional practice. Sometimes there are exercises or discussion topics, all so participants can help each other manage and overcome challenges they encounter regularly on the job.

After two successful years running similar programs, we believe this technique is appropriate and helpful to anyone facing gender-based discrimination who is looking for assistance with their game development career.

Where and when?

Every meeting is approximately 2 hours in downtown Montreal, once a month, for 6 months, starting in March (tentative). We will find a weekday evening that works for everyone (if possible) and provide light snacks to hold you over until dinner.

It’s important that all members attend every meeting, since the co-development process requires steady building of trust and confidence.

Opening Mixer & Info Session

Come to our opening mixer for a drink, bouchées, new connections and more information about our program!

Time: Tuesday February 11 at 6:30pm
📍 Place: Motive Studios EA, 2200 Stanley St, 6th floor
ℹ️ Event link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/pixelles-career-accelerator-info-session-tickets-89919962027


Deadline: February 16, 2020 @ 11:59pm EST

Apply here:


Q: Is this only for women?
Historically, Pixelles has focused primarily on the needs of women in games, as that is what our staff has had experience with and expertise in. An earlier iteration of the Pixelles Career Accelerator was closed to women only for this reason; however, we also realize that people of other marginalized genders working in games share many experiences in common with women, and as we grow the program, we feel it is important to support and include them as well. Therefore, in addition to cis and trans women, we welcome trans men, nonbinary/genderqueer folks, and anyone else who has lived experience with gender discrimination.

Q: Why 5+ years of experience? Why 8+ employees?
Folks across the industry experience burnout, isolation, and every other struggle — however, the struggles of new hires and juniors are different, with different setbacks and strategies. This program is meant to address the greatest need in our Montreal community at present, which (according to our information gathering) is primarily represented in larger companies. If you don’t quite qualify, apply anyway! If this program continues to be successful, we hope to create additional groups, representing different needs.

Q: How much does it cost?
The program is free, and we offer stipends for childcare and travel (parking or public transit) to those in need.

Have more questions or suggestions? Email us at info@pixelles.ca

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Pixelles is a non-profit initiative committed to helping more people make and change games. We're based in Montreal, and have already succeeded in building a supportive community of game creators, both hobbyist and professional.

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