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Note: Thank you for your interest. The Fund is now closed. Please see our initial announcement of our 2020 selections.

With the generous sponsorship of SUPERHOT, Kowloon Nights, Clever Endeavour, and Vertigo Gaming Inc., Pixelles is proud to announce its new Creator Fund. (And if you are a sponsor who wants to join up and make this fund even better, let us know at sponsorship@pixelles.ca!)

We’re offering up to $5k CAD to Canadian game creators of marginalized genders, as a grant. There’s no recoup; no publishing or platform requirements; you don’t even have to credit us if you don’t want to. You just have to make the game.

Our selection committee is listed below, made up of volunteer Pixelles coordinators and like-minded folks. We’re looking for small games with a strong authorial voice (whether expressed in the art, writing, gameplay, audio, premise, or in some other way) created by solo devs or small diverse teams.

So, ask yourself. Do you:

  • Want to turn a game prototype into something “real”?
  • Have a plan for how to do so?
  • Need a little bit of money to get it done, or at least to the next step?

If so, fill out the application! But please only fill it out once. Save your time and give others a chance.

Applications closed 11:59pm, August 31, 2020.

Good luck!


You can apply for the Pixelles Prototype Fund if you:

  • currently reside in Canada, with a Canadian bank account
  • identify as a woman, nonbinary, genderqueer, transgender or gender-questioning game maker
  • are making a game solo, or with a team of 3 or fewer full-time people

The Selection Committee

Your materials will be confidentially reviewed by:

  • Tanya X. Short
  • Javiera Paz Sepulveda
  • Alex Zandra Van Chestein
  • Felix Kramer
  • Kate Gray
  • Hope Erin Phillips
  • Sagan Yee
  • Beatrix Moersch
  • Jess Rowan Marcotte
  • Miranda Due
  • Angela Mejia

Pixelles is grateful to these folks for generously donating their time and expertise. We hope we can make a decision and start funding games by the end of August 2020.


Does my application and/or game need to be in English?

No, but you may find it advantageous to do so. We have provided these materials in French to improve the accessibility to more French speakers across Canada. However, the only language the entire selection committee speaks is English, so we may need to use Google Translate or other methods to be able to meaningfully and quickly evaluate application materials, which may hamper communicating your intent accurately.

Are feminine or femme-presenting people preferred?

No, all gender expressions are valid and welcomed. There will be no tests to pass or intrusive questions to answer. If you say you are a marginalized gender, we believe and trust you.

What is cisgender?

If you identify as the gender that corresponds to the sex you were assigned at birth, you are cisgender.

Why can’t I apply as a cisgender man?

If you’re a cisgender man, we support your gender expression too! But the evidence of existing success and opportunities in the world indicate that cisgender men already receive the lion’s share of help currently, so we’d like this program to address other needs.

Do you accept board games, card games, and/or tabletop roleplaying games?

Right now, this fund is only applicable to digital games, or experiences with a primarily digital interaction component.

My game is unannounced and secret!

We will treat your materials as confidential. We would like to announce that we supported you, but we will never release any information about your game (including the premise, genre, platform, or code name) without your consent.

My prototype is REALLY rough! I don’t want to show you…

This fund exists to help you get to the next stage — whether that’s finishing it, getting it ready for pitching to publishers, or something in-between. We’re game developers too, so we know how rough early prototypes can look. The important thing is that, though some combination of playable prototype, video, and/or documents, however you see fit, you clearly communicate your vision for the game and why this money would help you reach its next major goal.

Does my game have to be commercial? Does it have to be free?

We have no preference for either commercial or non-commercial works.

Can I use this money just to pay rent?

That’s a perfectly valid use of the grant. We just need to know what $5k of rent money would allow you to achieve and help your game reach its next stage of development.

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