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Q: I really want to participate in this program, but I’m outside the city of Montreal!
If you are located more than two hours’ drive from Montreal, we invite you to participate in our Follow-Along program, which gives you the opportunity to be part of an online games writing community.

If you are located two hours’ drive or less from Montreal, you may apply to the in-person program. Please be aware that your distance from the group’s meeting location may limit your ability to participate in optional social events, which are held outside of meeting hours.

Q: I want to know more about the Follow-Along program!
Our first Follow-Along program included 120 participants of all experience levels from all around the world. They followed the same curriculum as the Montreal incubator participants, and were offered as many remote resources as we could assemble.

This year’s Follow-Along is getting its very own coordinators, and will be bigger and better than last year! If you enrolled in a previous Follow-Along, we encourage you to take part again. You’ll need to register separately for the Follow-Along; the sign-up sheet will be published after we select the Montreal-based incubator cohort.

Nos ami-e-s francophones sont cependant les bienvenu-e-s au programme à distance du groupe ! Comme lors de la précédente édition, tous nos résumés bimensuels seront bilingues, en français et en anglais, et vous aurez également l’opportunité d’échanger avec d’autres scénaristes francophones si vous le souhaitez !

Q: I really want to participate in this program, but English is not my first language!
We welcome applications from those whose first language is other than English. However, your application materials must be submitted in English, and you must have advanced fluency in English in order to be considered, sufficient to offer high-level critique in a group setting. Coaching in English grammar and heavy copy-editing on submissions are outside the scope of the program. A Francophone version of the program focused on language learning is something we are considering for future years.

Q: I want to take part in the group, and I’m gender-queer/questioning!
This particular Pixelles program is for those who identify as and live their lives as women. However, you can participate in the Follow-Along regardless of your gender identity, and our workshops, socials, and other events are open to all genders!

Q: Do I have enough experience to take part in the program?
We welcome applications from every aspiring game writer. You don’t need any professional writing experience to apply! The factors on which you’ll be evaluated are the quality of your writing, your level of enthusiasm for being part of the program, and your ability to communicate and make a positive contribution to the group.

Q: I want to apply to the program, but I’m nervous about having my work critiqued!
All Pixelles events and programs fall under our Safe Space policy. We work very hard to ensure that all critiques are fair, productive, and given in a spirit of generosity. The first group meeting will include instruction in how to give and accept critique in the context of the group.

Q: I applied to the Writing Group in a previous year but wasn’t accepted. Can I apply again this year?
We’d be happy to hear from you again if you applied in a previous year; in fact, we’ll definitely notice if you applied before!

Q: Will this program get me a job as a game writer?
We can’t guarantee that participating in this program will help you get a job as a game writer, but we hope it will improve your chances! Several former participants of the program are now working in narrative roles in games or hold important volunteer positions within the Montreal games scene.

The Game Writing Group has no costs associated with it. You must be aged 18 or over to apply.

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